Dear Sir/Madame.!


Net Can Ltd would like to inform you that on January 7, 2016 we will be 
opening a new warehouse for accessories and spare parts. We will also be 
fixing machines, and testing new machines. We have a space of 5000 
square feet.

1339 Norfolk County Rd 19 E, Wilsonville, Ontario.

In the year 2016 we will be increasing our assortment for sales and 
will be offering:
top quality films, laminates, casings, and bags (ensuring high 
protection and extending the life of the food)
the quality is very good, our price is better that our competition. We 
want to lower the production costs of meat - sausages production.

We will be taking part in exhibitions of machines for meat and
movie - Smoking chamber NET-CAN - meat industry expo 2015 -

We offer machines to the meat and fish industry - new and used. We will 
purchase used machines in settlement - they do have to be 100% 
stainless steel
We install in production plants - both federal and provincial - in all 
of Canada. We offer special orders of machines.


/ 1-10 - trolleys / electric, gas, oil or steam / - meats - / 
horizontal air Flow fish - of smoking: standard smoke generator and 
liquid smoke atomizer.Acid-proof steel, silicon seals, acid-proof 
heating elements.
Steering: microprocessor, 99 processing programmes (including drying, 
smoking, brewing, baking at the temperature of 120°C, registering the 
process parameters, working with a computer).

Blast cooling chambers.
Curing and maturing chamber.
Freezing tunnel - meats - fish
Defrosting chamber.
Baking oven.
tumbler with capacity 220 - 8000L.
Mixer - Vacuum Paddle mixers- with arm mixers - capacity 120 - 5000L.
Angle Grinder 130mm -160mm -200mm / Capacity 250 - 200L 450L + LOADING.
Cook tanks - 400L, 600L, 800L, 1000L, 1200L.
Trolley washers - Washer for smoke sticks - Tunnel container washers 
with drying units.
Brine injectors - Brine mixer.
Cutter with capacity 40L, 60L, 80L, 120L, 200L.
Smokegenerator -

Trolleys - 6 -8 - 20 racks - Meats buggies.200L - Best Rates in Canada
Containers for meat 400-600 - 800l

Machines with the logo NET– CAN meet all Canadian standards CSA / UL / 
The very best quality - the longest guarantee on parts for 24 months
If you are interested in saving your money

We invite you to work along side us.